Alumni Grant Support program provides alumni of exchange programs up to $1,500 to implement various socially important projects.

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Alumni Projects 2016

Alumni Projects 2017-2018

Alumni Projects 2018-2019

  1. Thematics: there is a huge variety of themes. Topics can range from innovative development to women's empowerment, IT education, youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and the protection of the rights of people with disabilities.
  2. Ideas: projects should be original, creative, and sustainable, as well as contribute to the dissemination of innovative experiences and approaches that alumni have encountered during exchange programs in the United States.
  3. Type: project activities should be implemented online and may include but are not limited to seminars on professional development, webinars, conferences, interactive training sessions, and masterclasses.
  4. Applicants: alumni of any U.S. Government-funded exchange programs, as well as representatives of organizations that administer exchange programs, can apply. 

It is not allowed to use the grant for personal spendings (including honorarium/salary) and for purchasing long-term assets (such as laptops, video cameras, etc.)
Грантовые средства, выделяемые в рамках программы, не могут быть использованы для покрытия личных расходов (включая гонорар/зарплату), а также для приобретения личного имущества на долгий срок (например, ноутбуков, видеокамер и так далее).

Applications are accepted until the 30th of each month. The decision is made within two weeks after the end of the month.
Заявки принимаются до 30 числа каждого месяца. Решение выносится в течение 2-х недель после окончания месяца.

The application must be completed in English. But if your English level is not good enough, you can fill in the application form in Russian.
Заявка заполняется на английском языке. Но в случае, если ваш уровень английского недостаточен для этого, Вы можете заполнить заявку на русском.

All projects must be completed by May 15, 2021, with reports submitted by May 31, 2021.
Все проекты должны быть завершены к 15 мая 2021 года с предоставлением отчётов до 31 мая 2020 года.

We are not just Alumni - we are one community!

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We are not just Alumni - we are one community!