Masterclass: 19th Century American Social Dances

January 31, 2020

Masterclass: 19th Century American Social Dances

American Center in Moscow

Today’s masterclass will feature some new dances and some review of dances from last time. No previous experience is needed and no partner is needed.

What to wear to the dance masterclass: The best shoes to wear are ones with leather soles; do not wear high heels. You should wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, not too warm, and not tight or restrictive; it does not need to be either exercise clothes or formalwear.

Led by Susan de Guardiola, a teacher and researcher of historical social dance in Western Europe and America.  She has taught and lectured about historical dance at conferences and dance festivals across the USA and choreographed for dance performance groups and theatre.  Over the last eight years she has taught in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and several other Russian cities.  She is especially interested in the connections between American traditional dances and their European origins and the evolution of social dance in nineteenth and early twentieth century America.  She publishes dance research online at

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